Your body will love the nurturing…
your spirit will love the results.
127 W Hardin St. Findlay, OH


Offering Deep Tissue, Swedish, Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage

Journey Signature Massage $70 (60 min)
$95 (90 min)

Our custom massage experience is designed to relax, relieve tension and soothe aching muscles.

30 Minute Massage $40 (30 min)

Targeted to the area of your choice.

Deep Tissue Massage $55 (30 min)
$80 (60 min)

Side by Side Massage $90 (30 min)
$150 (60 min)

Schedule a massage with a spouse, friend, or someone special side by side in a suite of your own. A catered meal is available upon request.

Reflexology $70 (60 min)

A precise and systematic foot massage, reflexology stimulates reflex points with controlled pressure that correspond to the organs, systems, and structures of the body. Reflexology aids in the body’s ability to heal itself and can be used to restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium and encourage healing.

Head in the Clouds Massage $45 (30 min)
$70 (60 min)

Clear your mind and relieve tension with a relaxing, therapeutic massage to the scalp, neck, back and shoulders.

Body and Sole Massage $45 (30 min)
$70 (60 min)

The ultimate massage for your body and soul. Enjoy 30 minutes focused on the target area of your choice and 30 minutes of foot massage.

Pregnancy Massage $45 (30 min)
$75 (60 min)
$100 (90 min)

Hot Stone Massage $75 (60 min)
$100 (90 min)

Feel the nurturing effects of heat as warm river stones are placed on the body and used to enhance the massage experience and release muscle tension.

Facial/Massage Combination  $137 (90 min)

The ultimate in relaxation! Receive a one hour full body massage and facial at the same time.

Four Hands Massage $85 (30 min)
$150 (60 min)

If you have discovered the wonders of a massage by one therapist, imagine doubling that feeling. Enjoy the benefits of two therapists who simultaneously perform a choreographed massage for maximum relaxation.

Chair Massage $1 per minute

On-Site Chair Massage Call for information and pricing

Licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board

Massage in general may improve digestion, sleep, immunity, joint and muscle stiffness, and quicken the healing process by reducing stress of body and mind.

Massage services are subject to local & state sales tax.

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